The World’s Greatest Deceit!

Viruses have never existed; no virus for any disease has been found, as Dr. Lanka, Dr. Robert O. Young ( and others have noted. Disease has been created, not by finite, findable germs but by electromagnetic radiation(EMF), from its early beginnings as radar, radio, and wireless in the early 1900s to its current forms as wifi, 4G, 5G.

Dr. Robert O. Young has long noted the same, that all disease is the offshoot of radiation and chemical poisoning, which causes exacerbated conditions of acidosis in the body, producing the disease symptoms variously labelled as polio, measles etc. each of which does not have a distinct virus associated with it, as we have all been led to believe, but accrues from the excess of some specific acid clogging the interstitial fluid and blood in response to specific chemicals or frequencies of energy poisoning.

Why Viruses Do Not Exist!/Dr. Robert Young –

The History of the Infection Theory/Dr. Stefan Lanka –

This is a subject therefore deserving of further study, astonishing as it is to contemplate. While Terrain Theory seems intuitively comprehensible, that acidic conditions in the body lead to disease and ill-health, it is harder to imagine that ALL diseases we have known come from singular sources, like EMF radiation.

Read Dr. Robert O. Young’s peer-reviewed article, “Mass Chemical Poisoing” and “A Finger on the Magic of Life” –—Antoine-Bechamp-or-Louis-Pasteur

In several videos, interviews, and articles, Dr. Young has shown how the blood cells rouleau in the presence of chemical or EMF poisoning; Dr. Magda Havas also demonstrates this, using her own blood, viewed under a microscope.

Pathological blood coagulation, as Dr. Young refers to it, leads to disease.

Dr. Frances Leader addresses the EMF cause of illness through the timeline chart mapping the development of manmade EMF applications across time in her article The Virology of Deception –


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“REVEALED! The Great Virus Deception, A Historic Radiation Secret, Wild Bezos Dreams of Pharaonic Syn-Bio Futures Vs the Great Power of Human Energy Systems and Chi in Natural Healing” by Ramola D at the following link –

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