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One common question about hair loss is whether diet and lifestyle  can be a contributing factor. 

There are a number of general health related issues that can affect hair growth or hair loss.  And one of them I’m asked a lot is whether or not a lack of sleep and eating certain foods  can cause more hair loss.  And in general, anything that contributes to healthy well-being is good for your hair. So anything – really severe dieting, really horrible, stressful situations, or significant sleep deprivation – can, of course, affect your health in a detrimental way.

Anything that affects your health in a detrimental way is not good for your hair or for your hair loss.

To learn more about what causes hair loss and available treatments, schedule a  Consultations are private, no-obligation 

Your initial consultation will include a free microscopic scalp and hair analysis that provides insight into your current level of hair loss and potential for hair loss treatment options by the CEO and Founder of MCC 


What Are Inner  Wellness Products ?

Inner wellness products  go beyond traditional topical skin care and cosmetics to include those items that support beauty and personal care on a whole-body level—from the inside out, so to speak.

The beauty within compound  is in unique way to not only support healthy skin and hair, but also to assist with natural detoxification, maintain digestive health, manage weight, encourage restful sleep, promote energy, and support optimal brain function.

Wellness and beauty start from within. Formulated with Biotin to promote your natural beauty features, our Biotin Blend Beauty Supplement is packed full of multivitamins to promote healthy cell function. Biotin supports hair, skin and nail health and helps with the appearance of thicker hair, smoother skin and stronger nails.

This inner wellness supplement  contains Vitamin C, a known powerful antioxidant that assists the appearance of youthful skin and healthy collagen construction. Containing the essential mineral Zinc, our supplement helps to support healthy proteins in the body. The Vitamin B12 in our vitamin complex helps support healthy energy levels to keep you not only looking great, but feeling great.

These supplements Have some of the most famous key ingredients for having a healthier set of hair, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and Biotin.

Talking about vitamin A, it has been proven to be the vitamin every cell needs in order to grow, including the fastest growing tissue of the body or, in other words, the hair.

This amazing vitamin also increases the production of an oily substance produced by the hair glands called sebum. This oily substance is the most crucial thing for your hair’s health as it keeps your hair and scalp thoroughly moisturized.

Making it better, HairDocTK also decided to include vitamin B12 and Biotin, two of the members of the B-vitamin family.

First off, Biotin has been used as a hair loss treatment for some time now, and studies link deficiency in Biotin with hair loss in individuals. Other B vitamins, in this case, vitamin B12, are a big part of the process of making red blood cells which will, in the end, accelerate blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to the scalp and hair follicles resulting in better

After beating renal cell Carcinoma and dedicating 35 years of research and development I have created my my compounds and the Beauty Within , Hair Growth Mineral Supplements, as the first choice most favored by both , volunteers , affiliates  and their customers.

This specific  product is compounded vegan, cruelty-free, hormone-free, and paraben-free while offering free domestic shipping and sourced locally

To purchase this product click link

A facial for the scalp

*Average reduction in hair loss due to breakage and environmental factors.

A natural take-home treatment designed to help regenerate the scalp surface and reduce hair loss by 54%*


This scalp treatment repair accelerates the removal of stubborn scalp debris and follicle build-up, such as dead skin cells and excessive sebum.

This Helps restore the scalp to good condition, by accelerating skin surface regeneration through exfoliation. Suitable for men and women, on both natural and chemically treated hair.


Recommend to clients daily usage 30-45

Apply to a dry scalp in a grid-like pattern, massage in for just one minute. Leave on   and following with the appropriate 3-part system kit of detox and nourish internally .


Our Scalp will show the signs of any nutrients deficiency and minerals lacking as most hair thinning is the Mitochondria die off  and morgellans,and we have the ability to Reverse that using compounds , dietary changes, infared, energy work, and stem cell activation


Alopecia Areata is a type of hair loss caused by the immune system reacting to the hair follicles as if they were antibodies and shutting them down. The hair loss is usually limited to a coin-sized area and all the hair in the region is lost leaving a totally smooth round patch.  READ MORE.

Hair Loss From Kidney Disease

When you look your best, you will likely feel your best. But sometimes conditions such as chronic kidney disease (CKD) can get in the way of that feeling. Changes to your body, such as hair loss or nail discoloration, may happen when you have CKD and are on dialysisREAD MORE.

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Our goal is to help you to THRIVE through optimal health. It takes planning and changes that will bring your life back into BALANCE. Integrative Medicine incorporates both cutting-edge Holistic Medicine  to identify and treat the ROOT cause.

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Our goal is to help you to THRIVE through optimal holistichealth. It takes planning and changes that will bring your life back into BALANCE.

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