Pesticides and Polio

“Virus Causation
A clear, direct, one-to-one relationship between pesticides and polio over a period of 30 years, with pesticides
preceding polio incidence in the context of the CNS-related physiology just described, leaves little room for
complicated virus arguments, even as a cofactor, unless there exists a rigorous proof for virus causation.

shows no movement independent from pesticide movement, as one would expect if it were caused by a virus. Both
the medical and popular imaginations are haunted by the image of a virus that invades (or infects) and begins
replicating to the point of producing disease.

In the laboratory, however, poliovirus does not easily behave in such a predatory manner. Laboratory attempts to
demonstrate causation are performed under conditions which are extremely artificial and aberrant.
Poliovirus causation was first established in the mainstream mind by publications of an experiment by Landsteiner
and Popper in Germany, 1908-1909.

13 Their method was to inject a pulverized purée of diseased brain tissue into
the brains of two monkeys.

One monkey died and the other was sickened. Proof of poliovirus causation was
headlined by orthodoxy. This, however, was an assumption–not a proof–of virus causation. The weakness of this
method is obvious to everyone except certain viropathologists and has recently been criticized by the molecular
biologist Peter Duesberg regarding a modern-day attempt to establish virus causation for kuru, another CNS

14 Since 1908, the basic test has been repeated successfully many times using monkeys, dogs and
genetically altered mice. The injected material has even been improved–scientists now use a saline solution
containing purified poliovirus. However, a crucial weakness exists–polio epidemics do not occur via injections of
poliovirus isolate into the brains of the victims through a hole drilled in their skull–except, of course, in laboratories
and hospitals.
If injection into the brain is really a valid test for causation then it should serve especially well as a proof for pesticide
causation. I propose that pesticides be injected directly into the brains of test animals. If paralysis and nerve
degeneration subsequently occur, we then would have proved that pesticides cause polio.”


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