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From the start of my career at 18 I have understood that millions of people have un-natural hairloss due to autoimmune disease nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins , as I myself had kidney cancer and know first hand about hairloss and he devastating affect is had. In the process I have become well now for providing both reputable  advanced training, certification,salon-community directory,ocd and mental health support ,as well as affiliate and recommend business listings  

My massive community education efforts resulted in  securing a local TED Talk in 2017, and a book soon to follow ,in which I share my  inspirational life story and the reason for my relentless advocacy efforts across hair loss communities and in my own industry.

So now you know a little bit about why I call myself HairDoc TK. It was actually one of my clients with hair loss who first coined the term, “HairDoc TK” I use the word DOC in my name because it’s taken 30 years to learn and research not only the medical issues associated with hair loss, but what can be done to reverse it.

At this point I consider myself a master in my trade and extremely knowledgeable about all sorts of physical as well as psychosomatic illnesses among humans And our pets .  I teach you and your fur babies how to get into an alkaline LIfestyle , along with energy clearing  for bringing  us back to a state of homeostasis  

I not only know how to use the latest techniques that lead to hair regrowth using My patent pending holistic hair restoration programsand systems , but I also use all-natural products in a precise regimen individualized to each client.

What I teach others is to find the root issue.  Once you find the root issue of all disease that causes most hair loss, you want to  give back to the community and you want to help  MORE people and is why I created the empowerment foundation SUPERHAIROES 

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