Abstaining from food will give your digestive system a break and allow the cells and organ system to utilize its energy towards healing itself.

A fast helps the body cleanse, repair rebuild, and regenerate itself.

Almost like hitting the reset button. If you’re having trouble fasting, that is a clear sign of addiction. Some foods are very much like a controlled substance.
In fact in some cases they are.

For example, CHEESE  contains Casein a chemical known to trigger opioid receptors.
This is why CHESSE  is in every single fast food advertisement.

That’s no coincidence, that’s by design.

If we truly understood the body’s intelligence we would do way less to undermine it’s integrity and learn to respond properly when it communicates with us.

We ignore every symptom/signal and suppress the warning signs with conventional medicine.

Negating the fact that our bodies are sophisticated enough to alert us of the threat of dis-ease.

Fasting is natures pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. 💚

To assit the detoxification process I have compounded my own inner wellness compounds for this reason

www.theHolistic-Apothecary.shop CLEANSE SUPPORT will also help bind the mycotoxins and help move out heavy metals and parasites