Did you know that in 1891 there were only 7 diseases? There were only 12 medicines and they were all made from plants.

Here we are 120 years later when we have 10,000+ officially registered diseases, and new ones are constantly on the rise.

How did we manage to get from 7 to 10,000 diseases? We now also have 561,000 patented pharmaceutical drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry is building all medical schools.

They are preparing a curriculum that our “beee🐑” repeaters should fill out in the blank fields on the exams. They trained them well. But, who coached them? And, for what? 561,000 patented drugs.

Do medical school students know what they are actually doing?

And I asked them that at Cornell Medical and Johns Hopkins University. If we really know what we are doing, how is it possible that more and more people get cancer every year, and not less?

Why are there more and more people with cardiovascular disease every year, and not fewer? Why is the number of diabetics increasing every year, and not decreasing? Why are there more and more digestive problems? Why is there more hip surgery? Why is there more and more arthritis? Why? How is that possible?

They do not know!!  They just know that if they got another trillion they might be able to find an answer. It’s so funny. If we really know what we’re doing, why are there more sick people and not fewer? ”

-Don Tolman

“Diseases are over-intellectualized thought forms that only survive due to their continual perpetuation by modern day medical “experts”. They are viewed only from the surface reality without understanding what gives rise to a particular external symptom.

In attaching a symptom to a disease name, the current allopathic medical system isolates a small portion of mental consciousness within the limits and characteristics of that so-called disease.

As most of you know, the symptomology of a disease in many cases is similar to that of many other diseases. The symptoms always overlap with other diseases. This is because we are viewing the same thing in all diseases: a stagnant lymph circulation, an accumulation of interstitial wastes, an increased amount of microorganisms and parasites, and the weakening of vital glands and organs that allow the body to achieve a balanced homeostasis. Any theoretical cause beyond the confines of these physiological imbalances are illusionary medical ideologies.

So, look beyond the mind trick of disease names. The control that present day medicine maintains is only achieved by you agreeing to perceive within the confines of their completely delusional concept of diseases.

We are like all other animals. Nature is our true home and nature is where we find our remedy: that of the primate being fruit, herbs and fasting.”

-Bryan True

“All conditions stem from same root causes: the body’s imbalance and a very acidic environment with a stagnant, backed-up lymphatic system and non-filtering kidneys and clogged bowels.”

-Conny Missy Alder

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via Simon Paul Bennett