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[Sticky] The Dairy Hoax

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HairDoc TK
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“Mucus (Acidosis) is the cause of every disease illuminate the mucus and you eliminate the disease.” -Dr. Sebi 

ALL dairy causes #inflammation in the Body and a major cause of your phlegm, mucus, and congestion issues. 👋🏻

Dairy is disease building, mucus forming, addictive and extremely acid forming within. 👋🏻

Consuming Dairy causes the body to draw calcium from your own connective tissue, as a “buffer”, to counteract the acidity - in order to save you from your poor dietary habits. There are dire consequences over time, such as weakening bones, connective tissue, etc. 👋🏻

Dairy is concentrated fats and protein, too concentrated for humans. It is designed to grow a calf into a large beast in a short period of time. 👋🏻

The chemistry of cow's milk is all wrong for the human body. Nature designed it specifically to meet a baby calf’s growing needs. 👋🏻

The chemistry of the milk changes throughout a calf’s life cycle to meet the different stages of that calf’s growing cycle.👋🏻

Are you a calf? 🐮

I feel the need to warn people about the detrimental effects that milk consumption has on the regular because cow's milk, aka “Dairy” is by far, one of the most disease-forming foods for humans, and it’s in almost everything!👋🏻

Most people drink milk and consume rotten milk (cheese and yogurt) because their parents did and their parents did. It's learned behavior...habitual. 👋🏻

The programming - the commercials, the lies and misinformation surrounding Dairy that’s imbedded within our society... The general public has been led to believe that Dairy is health promoting when, in fact, it is the opposite of healthy. 👋🏻

We are taught that milk supplies the body with calcium and builds strong bones, which is far from truth. Milk consumption in humans causes bones to WEAKEN over time. 👋🏻

Milk is highly inflammatory, mucus-forming and constipating.
If you think about it, milk was designed by NATURE HERSELF with a calf in mind...another species.👋🏻

A calf grows to maturity faster than a human. 🐮

Cows' milk is concentrated fats and proteins. The chemistry is acid forming within the human body.👋🏻

When we ingest cows’ milk, our body sees it as foreign. Since we lack the proper digestive enzymes to break cows’ milk down, we get an increase in MUCUS PRODUCTION creating INTERNAL OBSTRUCTIONS. 👋🏻

The most disturbing aspect is not the fact that Dairy is disease-forming. It’s the fact that Dairy is heavily subsidized and advertised as a health promoting food by health professionals and the government.

This is a very alarming issue because, either they are completely ignorant of the facts and not very well educated...leading people to early deaths and disease issues - or they are aware, but simply putting profit, greed and agendas before public health. Either way, history repeats itself.👋🏻

It doesn’t matter if the milk/mucus is raw or pasteurized; that’s not the point. The point is, we pay a high price with our health when ingesting another species excretions - or calf-growth fluid. Raw may be the “lesser of two evils." However, it’s still evil, as it is not human food.👋🏻

Cause and effect: we can violate the laws of nature if we want. However, nobody escapes the consequences.

For those who desire milk in their routine...reach for a plant milk next time, or blend some homemade banana milk up! 👋🏻

Change is really that simple. ~ Mariah Mazza

"If you think milk gives you Vitamin D and calcium, you're wrong. ✔️✔️✔️✔️

This lie along with “animal protein” is the biggest sham and brainwashing lie. If you're experiencing mucus overload, flu-like symptoms, headaches, body aches, this is why."

~ Christine Boyle

“There is absolutely ZERO data to support the claim that the consumption of Dairy leads to better bones, weight loss, or improved health. However, some serious risks are tied to Dairy consumption, including weight gain, increased cancer risk, and increased fracture risk. It turns out milk does not build strong bones. ✔️✔️✔️

A study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, revealed that milk DID NOT help to strengthen the bones of almost 80,000 people involved in the study over an 18 year period." 👋🏻👋🏻

~ Jason Christoff

"When we transition from a typical standard Western diet, we start by letting go of what is obstructing our bodies the most, and that is the food that is creating the most mucus. 👋🏻

On the top of that list, we find Dairy. Yes, absolutely ALL Dairy, even the kefir, the yogurt and the goat's milk.

Anything that comes from animal milk will produce enormous amounts of mucus in our bodies, and we know what that means. It means hello parasites, an impacted intestine, congestion all over the body, and an acidic environment.👋🏻

Our bodies were simply not made to digest the proteins in the milk, and we suffer big time from trying to. 👋🏻

So, there we have it. The first thing to go has to be the Dairy - ALL of it." ~ Hilde Larsen ✔️

#dairyfree #dairy #milkshake #cowsmilk #Cow #bacteria #drinking #milkman #poison #yogurt #cheese #disease #inflammation

Dr. Sebi - THE ORIGINAL MUCUSLESS DIET — at Holistic Apothecary & Consulting -Traditional Medicine To Holistic Healing.

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HairDoc TK
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Foods are determined to be Acidifying if on the pH scale of 0 to 14 they have a pH level of less than 7.0, or Alkalizing if they have a pH level greater than 7.0, as a result of their metabolic end reaction in our bodies.

After the nutrients from a food are utilized in the cells, the pH level of the resulting waste fluid is either Acidic or Alkaline, depending on the food's mineral composition.

Certain minerals create Acidity, while others create Alkalinity. Foods with predominantly Acid-forming minerals impart Acidity to the cells and metabolic waste stream. The primary Acid-forming minerals are phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, iodine, bromine, fluorine, copper and silicon.

Foods with Alkaline-forming minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron impart Alkalinity to the cells and metabolic waste stream.

These are the most Acid-forming foods:

• All animal meats
• Most grains and their products (wheat, rice, oats, rye, bread, pastas, cakes, crackers, etc.
• Legumes (beans, tofu, lentils and peanuts)
• Dairy (milk, cream, cheese, butter and eggs)
• Snacks (candies, chips, chocolates, pretzels, etc.)
• Carbonated soft drinks/sodas
• Alcoholic beverages
• Coffee
• Protein powders
• Nuts and seeds

Excessive eating of Acid-forming foods, as well as poor food combining practices, overstresses the body. As a result, the body is forced to use its Alkaline mineral reserves (mainly calcium) to buffer the acidity. Cholesterol plaguing and edema are another two methods that the body will use to protect the body from being over Acidic.

Most people eat predominantly Acid-forming foods. Because of the high nitrogen or phosphorus content of these foods, they lose calcium and other electrolytes, as their body uses these Alkaline minerals to buffer Acid elements. It is best to only have 10-20 percent of Acid-forming foods in your diet.

A properly nourished, Alkalized body is the key to vibrant health.

via Anna Leigh, Detoxification Specialist 


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