HairDoc TK’s Published TedxTalk On Breast Implant Illness,Cancer and Co-Infections


This Ted Talk about Hair, Health, and Hope is a journey for advocacy, self-awareness, and a challenge to all society to take life into their own hands. HairDocTk is self-educated with various certificates in her field where at the age of 30 her only choice while battling Renal Cell Carcinoma leading into breast implant illness also losing a kidney was to read everything!

Hairdoc TK CEO of Medically Challenged Community (MCC) is a renal cell carcinoma, breast implant illness, and hair restoration Advocate.  My massive community education efforts resulted in securing a local TED TALK, And a book soon to follow in which I share my inspirational life story how I survived cancer and restored

my hair and the reason for my relentless advocacy efforts across hair loss communities and in my own industry and the correlation to implants, cancer, and ongoing hair loss.


Hairdoc TK CEO of Medically Challenged Community (MCC) is a renal cell carcinoma, breast implant illness, and hair restoration Advocate.


Ironwood Cancer Resources Center has been one of my venues i support and have been an active vendor for over a decade . The charity SUPERHAIROES  offers free hair and wigs cuts at the events and private one on one consulting at the wellness salon for all cancer survivors. My goal is to help as many cancer patients learn how to get to the “Root Issue ” of “Dis-ease” Holistically as have by teaching and empowering  you to become own Superhairoe Advocate.

Integrative Cancer Solutions


Meet Dr Karlfeldt owner and advocate of Intergrative Cancer Solutions . We have partnered together to educate more cancer patients to think about there options in a more holistic way . Our goal is to help others learn how to reverse metobolic acidosis and heal from within. Learn More about Dr Karllfeld on our Podcast, click here


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Hairdoc TK CEO of Medically Challenged Community (MCC) is a renal cell carcinoma, breast implant illness, and hair restoration Advocate.

Tammy Kelichner “HairDocTK” was diagnosed at age 30 with a severe autoimmune disorder which caused deteriorating healthiness and stark hair loss. In 2014 she developed cancer of the kidney or RCC. Later that year she ended up having one kidney completely removed.

She was able to complete exhaustive research into alternative methods to revitalize and regrow her hair and balance her immune system.

Her research did find that the onset of injuries and disease was greatly enhanced from mental/emotional happiness (strain). As health deteriorated the body accelerated breaking down it caused malfunctions and illness. Disease “disease” in the entire body came next.


Hairdoc TK CEO of Medically Challenged Community (MCC) is a renal cell carcinoma, breast implant illness, and hair restoration Advocate.

Certified and licensed hair restoration and master hair Extensionist, after more than 30 years, (Hairdoc TK) ensures her client’s extensions and color services are therapeutic, natural, and effective. (TK) has two mottos – Regrow, Renew, Retrain and Recreating Lives One Strand At a Time.

TK is a Natural Hair Restoration Expert, Master Hair Extensionist & Trainer, and Organic Corrections Specialist. Her training focus is on advanced natural hair replacement /extensions techniques, hair regrowth, and health and nutrition.

Her specialty is in repairing extensions not installed properly, regrowing hair that has been damaged chemically from overuse of hi-lighting, and unnatural hair loss., Trichotillomania (OCD Disorders) and thinning hair due to Autoimmune Disease is a real problem today…

HairDocTK helps people become whole from the inside out with her diverse past knowledge and real-life experiences.


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Public speaking has always been something I loved to do . Now , after the cancer diagnosis I have decided to commit Myself to an advocacy campaign and build a community of those like minded individuals based on prevention and holistic business practices as my Own self owned business is based on those key fundamentals.


Wonder woman isn’t a fictional character, it’s a “mindset “. I realized after losing everything, yes everything, organs, business, friends, home , insurance, hair , my marriage, I decided to turn the word “victim “ into “hairoe” and that’s why I created my foundation superhairoe inc ! The more people I can educate and empower to not do what I have is my purpose on this planet


After losing my kidney to cancer I wanted to be able to give back to the community. This site is launched with an effort to help rescue others and battle hair loss and chronic illness  in our community one strand at a time 

Cancer being the number one terminal illness is not the only disease that causes hair loss and chronic health issues. I encourage any and all sufferers to band together to battle these diseases.

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Our goal is to help you to THRIVE through optimal health. It takes planning and changes that will bring your life back into BALANCE.

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