Human DNA Mixed With Reptilians

Human DNA Mixed With Reptilians

If we are ruled by a #reptilian race, isn’t it possible that they use parasites to manipulate and control our consciousness? Why did we once cross breed with the #Nephilim / #fallenangels / Reptiles???

“The ultimate conspiracy: we are ruled by a hive mind of sentient parasites

After years of research, I’ve finally reached the end of the rabbit hole. Here is a summary of my findings:

• Parasites are one of the physical manifestation of demons on earth, that form a kind of hive mind, controlling weak and evil people.

• A significant portion of modern diseases are caused by parasites, and I will lay out a case for most if not all psychiatric illnesses being of parasitic origin.

• There are many cults in the world but they all lead to one devil, though the manifestations of this devil have shifted over the years from the time of the Babylonian mystery religion of Bal to the Minoans of Crete (both cults were centered around bulls) to contemporary satanists with their goat-headed  baphomet.

• The one thing these animals have in common is that they have been hosts to parasites fr millennia and we have only just learned of the microscopic world and to what extent the microcosmos has affected our everyday lives and civilization.

• Many have spoken of the Basilisk as a threat throughout time. Or perhaps the tale of “Adam and Eve”  in the Garden of Eden when Satan, the Devil, took the form of a serpent and tempted them. We see this theme constantly from India to the Aztecs, who worshipped Quetzalcoatl the serpent god.

• The #DEVIL is often referred to as a snake or serpent and has been worshipped in the form of animals.

• Fasting is known to flush out parasites and Jesus fasted for 40 days when he was tempted by the Devil (Luke 4:2).

• All mammals that interact with humans have a schedule for routine treatment of parasites, except for humans themselves.

• Humans are one of the only mammals incapable of producing their own vitamin C. Hypoascorbemia (vitamin C deficiency) causes a susceptibility to parasitic infection. Hypoascorbemia results in depression, schizophrenia, gastrointestinal disease, fatigue, cancer, etc. These are all symptoms of rapidly multiplying parasites.

• Why is alcohol so fervently pushed upon society? Alcohol prevents the body from absorbing vitamin C, leading to increased risk of parasitic infection (or demonic possession).m

• Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize winner, advocated for taking megadoses of vitamin C for treating cancer. As I will demonstrate later on, cancer is caused primarily by parasitic infection.

• Is the sugar  industry highly subsidized?  Parasites require a continually high diet of sugar. More specifically they rely on aerobic glycolysis: they are incapable of surviving on fats. The sugar industry has been pushing a low fat diet for the past decades!

• Schizophrenia has been linked to toxoplasmosis in numerous scientific studies. Schizophrenia has also been linked to excess adrenochrome and GAPS.

Parasites feed on adrenochrome. Could the “voices” that schizophrenics hear actually be parasites trying to communicate with them? Vitamin B3 (niacin) megadosing has been known to cure schizophrenia and most other mental illnesses.

Niacin upregulates NAD, which in turn downregulates the organism’s adrenochrome production, starving the  parasites of one of their food sources. Why is the FDA trying to crack down on NAD supplements?

• Dr. Jennifer Daniels pioneered the revival of turpentine (100% pure gum spirits) with sugar cubes/ castor oil as a powerful anti-parasitic and anti-candida remedy. Why did the medical establishment force her to flee the US?

• Dr. Hulda Clark claimed in the 1990s in her book “The Cure For All Diseases” that nearly every modern disease is caused by parasites and heavy metal toxicity. Why did the medical establishment force her to flee to Mexico?

• Why is pedophilia part and parcel of the life of political elites? Why is pedophilia being so aggressively pushed on our culture? Because childrens organisms are more susceptible to  parasitic infection. The demon can gain greater control over the host the longer the parasite resides in the host.

• There are tons of reports online about people literally curing their #alcoholism #pornography addiction, etc. by doing a parasite cleanse. Were intestinal parasites depleting their dopamine and seratonin, causing addictive behaviour as a way to cope with the effects?

Why does the amino acid NAC seem to significantly help with this when it increases  glutathione, which is a precursor to dopamine? Is this why the FDA recently began to more strictly regulate NAC, leading to Amazon removing it from their website, to the rage of the supplement community?

• Why is #fluoride added to our drinking water? It has been reported that in geographic zones where fluorosis is endemic, there is an increase in parasitic infections in humans.

• Fenbendazole  successfully eliminates parasites without side effects in pretty much every animal. It is currently being successfully used to cure cancer in humans in experimental trials. It has been deemed completely safe to use in humans. So why does the FDA state that fenbendazole is not meant for human consumption?

• Ivermectin  and hydroxychloroquine are both anti-parasitic drugs that are used successfully for both COVID-19 and cancer, yet the media has launched an aggressive disinformation campaign against them. Conveniently, the second largest hydroxychloroquine factory in the world blew up and was destroyed in December, 2020.

Why were Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman murdered in a brutal targeted killing, that the police tried to cover up as a murder-suicide, when they were one of the largest producers of hydroxychloroquine in the world?👋🏻

• Fenbendazole  harms parasites inside humans. Glyphosate helps parasites inside humans. Fenbendazole is illegal in food meant for human consumption. Glyphosate is legally mandated in food meant for human consumption thanks to Monsanto. Reconcile.

• Why is waxseens  being so aggressively pushed? The fact is that all waxseens have adjuvants like aluminum that allow for 👉🏻parasites to thrive in a host. These heavy metal adjuvants help intra-bodily objects cross the blood-brain barrier. Look into GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) and its links to autism. Why can autism be cured by a fecal transplant? Autism is caused by “intoxication” induced by parasites producing ammonia and amphetamines. Waxseens used to contain mercury  as an adjuvant (and apparently still do in trace amounts), which allows parasites to cross the blood-brain barrier.

• Parasites (demons) need access to the human brain to control behaviour to multiply to other hosts.

• Independent researchers, scientists, and doctors from dozens of countries across the world claim that the COn-Vd 19 waxseens not only contain parasites, but also graphene oxide as an adjuvant. There are peer reviewed research papers on NAC removing graphene oxide from the human organism. Why is the FDA trying to regulate it so aggressively?

• But humans also have a second brain, also known as the enteric nervous system, or the gut. Where are parasites most commonly found? Where is the soul traditionally thought to reside in the human body? What are “gut instincts”? Well guess what, parasites residing in the gut can influence host behaviour and control the subconscious because it is formed by our enteric nervous system.

• Cancer is caused by aerobic glycolysis of the  parasites, that deplete nearby host cells of oxygen. Oxygen depletion results in localized cells being forced into the fermentation mode of ATP generation. This results in a rapidly growing tumor. Usually the body can destroy these mutating cells, but Nagalase released from the parasites causes an immunosuppressive effect.

• Cancer has four stages and a remission state. Same as with 👉🏻parasitic infection. Why do doctors that discover this usually end up dead?

• But cardiovascular disease is also caused by  parasites. Look up Dirofilaria immitis. Heart disease – 23% of total deaths (#1 cause of death!), cancer – 21% of total deaths. Both draw direct links to parasites. That’s 70,000 deaths EVERY DAY linked to parasites, yet there remains no  parasite schedule for humans.

• The pineal gland (also known as the third eye) is a part of the brain that is said to regulate our ability to communicate with God through prayer. The ancient Egyptians left us interesting carvings depicting a snake being wrapped around the third eye of pharaohs. Egyptian gods (demons) have animal heads. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. Why is fluoride added to our water again?

• In ancient times parasites were referred to as demons and were “cast out” using anti-parasitics. Might a herd of pigs intentionally drown itself to spread those  parasites into other nearby animals and humans who drink the contaminated water? (Mark 5:9-13).

• Parasites infect humans and harvest energy generated by the host organism. Pain and fear (chemical secretions) are harvested. These  parasites influence the host in a way that causes the parasite to act as the host’s subconscious. Those infected with parasites become part of the collective consciousness of the hive mind.

• What is the real reason alcohol has been called the demon drink? What is the real reason alcohol has been called liquid spirits?

• Could the myth and folklore about vampires be a warning about a certain hive minded people, who need blood and infect others, and that many evil people are serving the greater parasite/ demon? Notice how vampires are repelled by garlic (a natural anti-parasitic). They also cannot live in the sun and  parasites are killed by vitamin D3 and UV exposure.

• Pliny the Elder describes the Basilisk: a snake-like creature, not more than 12 inches long, has the power to kill, and its power is associated with the eye (third eye?)

• Medusa: a creature associated with snakes, with small 12 inch long snakes protruding from the skull. Has the power to kill through the eye.”

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The Satellite And NASA Hoax

The Satellite And NASA Hoax

Satellites are Freemason Fairytale…Just another NASA Hoax…

‘The origins of satellites came from the mind of famous science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. He wrote The 1945 Proposal by Arthur C. Clarke for Geostationary Satellite Communications. Arthur C. Clarke was a high level Freemason as well as a homosexual and self-professed pedophile, throw in satanism and you’ve got a heck of a guy. Arthur C. Clarke was writing science fiction stories along with other notable sci-fi writers Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard. Arthur C. Clarke did initially claim to know Hubbard, however later he denied that statement and thought L. Ron Hubbard to be completely crazy. That link to Hubbard had to be broken, all out rebuke works well.

There is a seven year overlap between 1945 to 1952 when Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Arthur C. Clarke were all alive and were witness to the Science Fiction industry exploding into the eager minds of young people. I find the Roswell crash in July 1947 quite timely and it certainly propelled the interest in space to mania levels.Hollywood didn’t miss the cue since they’re owned by the Khazarian Rothschilds. Hollywood started cranking out sci-fi movies by the truckload. At the top of the Sci-Fi movie heap was the great undiscovered frontier — Space

The Khazarians saw an opportunity to make a ton of money by pushing the space meme. At some point a scheme was hatched to fake launch satellites into space for profit. NASA also became a tool to constantly remind humans of our insignificance in the boundless cosmic order. NASA has been beating the divinity out of us with pseudoscience, propaganda and spiritual delineation. In other words “control” Pre-NASA had accumulated and assimilated the intellectual property from Jack Parsons to the point where he was no longer needed or wanted. Sputnik 1 was launched first in 1957 shocking fooling the world and Explorer 1 soon followed in 1958 the year NASA was created. NASA was also created to militarize space and the atmosphere below it, but why?

Simple, in order to conceal the deceptions of the Khazarian Mafia and their Freemason minions, the Khazarians needed to “secure” the perimeter and operate above any jurisdiction. All information above our heads skyward was now in the hands of NASA as the “official” source, in other words the propaganda machine was created. It’s laughable when you realize we’re solely reliant on just one source for all information regarding the cosmos–NASA. Along with the Controlled Major Mass Media NASA is free to dispense as much GGI/Pixar/Photshop fairy tales as fast as we can gobble them up. I guarantee the satanists of NASA have been laughing along time about their ruses, however they’re being exposed more than ever as incompetent pseudoscience degenerates when real scrutiny is applied.

Seemingly unrelated, in 1959 the Antarctic treaty was signed and is now totally off limits backed by military force. The North Pole is also militarized, though no formal multilateral agreement exists. Still any attempt to traverse either will result in immediate military expulsion and possible jail-time. To date no human has ever traversed Antarctica, EVER!! Think about that for a moment and consider the absurdity of it. There’s still a continent that has never been explored and we’re not allowed access to it! Why?

Satellite Composite What A Joke!

Even the treaty wiki page uses a “satellite composite image of Antarctica, where’s the real photo? Hold on now….NASA can somehow send a satellite to Ceres 257 million miles away without a hitch, but the deepest hole ever drilled is only 7.5 miles out of 3,959 miles to the center of the earth. The other 3,952.5 miles is unknown and pseudoscience fills in the blanks with no true hypothesis just blather. Man hasn’t even been to the bottom of his own ocean (Challenger Deep) So if we haven’t mastered our own domain how probable is it NASA could send a probe 257 million miles to Ceres and retrieve such stunning images? Probability ZERO. The only real images of Ceres that exist reside where they were created, on the hard drives of NASA computers. We will return to the aspect of Antarctica a little later so consider it a seed that has been planted.

The Khazarian Mafia saw another opportunity to steal billions along with their fiat currency central bank thievery and debt-based slavery. That opportunity was satellites launched into orbit. They had their man Freemason Arthur C. Clarke waiting in the fold to ride shotgun, writing sci-fi genre as if it were science. He was a key piece in creating the exploding interest in space and the great mysteries of the cosmos.Clarke was the perfect asset that NASA needed, thus building on the occult foundation of Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Walt Disney. Clarke’s sci-fi prowess elevated his fictional ideas as seemingly plausible and scientific. Behind the veil of NASA a symbolic baton was passed to Clarke who becomes the key to both the Apollo fraud and the ongoing satellite fraud.

How convenient it was that Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick in 1968 and the Apollo 11 moon landings were faked by Kubrick in 1969. One could surmise that 2001 A Space Odyssey was a “dry-run” prior to Apollo. It also smacks of predictive programming with a little MK-Ultra mixed in. 2001 A Space Odyssey was the primer for the Apollo hoax. Since we know from part 1 that the ISS is fake, than I posit that all satellites are illusory and don’t exist. The only thing that exists are the profit margins of the Khazarian Mafia. Satellites are pseudoscience and there is no credible evidence that they exist. No actual photos, no actual video footage, only CGI/Pixar/Photoshop satellites. The staunch evidence that satellites do not exist is paradoxically simple because there’s no credible proof they do exist.

People remark “yeah but I saw the International Space Station!.” Consider for a moment that what you saw was an inflatable replica. In WW2 the U.S. made wide use of inflatable tanks and rubber airplanes to deceive Hitler’s reconnaissance efforts.
William Cooper said “Exploration of the moon stopped because it was impossible to continue the hoax without being discovered. And of course they ran out of pre-filmed episodes. No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above the Earth’s surface. At or under that altitude the astronauts are beneath the radiation of the Van Allen Belt and the Van Allen Belt shields them from the extreme radiation which permeates space. No man has ever orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program.”

How many manned missions to a planetary body could they fake? Just enough to set the table for the real goal, thousands of fake satellites launched into space and big profit margins. This was a much safer and secure revenue stream for the Khazarians and having never returned to the moon makes the case.We’ll use the same method of financial investigation that was used in Part 1 to connect the Khazarian subsidiaries to NASA and back to Hollywood. Lets look at some of the companies involved in the Satellite sector. You want to look for four Khazarian Rothschild companies that are majority shareholders. Vanguard Group, State Street Corp., Fidelity and Black Rock. Go to and put in the ticker symbol. Look for Equity Ownership/Institutions and you’ll see the same entities in control. As you’ll see, the are plenty of publicly held companies and a bevy of privately held contractors whose majority stakeholders could quite possibly be the Khazarians.

Why do I say that? As it turns out the Rothschilds are into the Venture Capital game, for example The Edmond De Rothschild Investment Partners. They can capitalize startups and have a major equity stake in them while adding another pawn to their chessboard. Also khazarian alliances such as the Rothschild Investment Partners and Global Corporate Partners can be forged to gobble-up smaller companies as vassals. Here is a telling quote from the press release;

“Gerald Rosenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Rothschild North America, said, “We believe the combination of Rothschild’s global relationships and Global Technology Partner’s access to and knowledge of the international defense and aerospace industry will create high level strategic advisory and investment opportunities. These opportunities will arise from the continued consolidation of second and third tier defense companies, the anticipated relationships that are forming among aerospace and defense companies on a cross border basis and GTP’s insight into defense markets and technologies.”

FYI, current Secretary Of Defense Ashton Carter is one of the original seven Global Technology Partners which pretty much sums it all-up. Read his corporate bio and realize he’s in bed with the Khazarians too. Below are a few examples of Satellite related companies that have Rothschild majority ownership.

Sample Of Satellite Majority Shareholders:

United Technologies, Intel Sat, DirecTV via ATT, Loral Space and Communications, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp., Lockheed Martin, General Electric

Don’t forget as in Part 1 the same institutional majority shareholders of major Hollywood companies and subsidiaries such as Disney, Comcast, MGM, Time Warner, Dreamworks, Sony Entertaiment are Khazarian owned. Again, go to and look-up these companies. Look for Vanguard Group, Fidelity, BlackRock LLC and State Street Corp. as majority shareholders, and thus Hollywood and The Controlled Major Mass Media become defacto propaganda machines for NASA. With the aquisition of Pixar by Disney in 2006 and Disney as a proven co-conspirator, we already have been subject to Pixar fakery as well.

If there are no satellites than how does GPS, Global Communications and other supposed space-based platforms really work?

LORAN tower station on Sand-Johnston
Island, 1963

APN-4 installed in a Royal Canadian
Air Force Canso (PBY) aircraft

The first is Land-based technologies. Land-based communications have been around along time and are still used today. Loran (long range navigation) was developed during World War Two with a range up to 1,500 miles. Towers like these were positioned to provide relatively seamless coverage for navigation. Towers positioned on islands would provide the necessary contact points for propagation at sea. The signal bounces off the ionosphere and creates a “Sky Wave” which in turn creates the “Skip Distance” to the next tower. Remember, this technology is about 70 years old and incremental improvements in power, range and efficiency have been made since.

Sky Wave & Skip Distance

Thiis is a simple video on land-based communications and the capabilities of microwave transmission. Global Positioning Systems are based on cel-tower triangulation as Google kindly explains here and this accompanying video explains how it’s done.’

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NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes:

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Cell Phones

Cell Phones


1. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body (e.g. in a pocket or bra).

2. Avoid holding any wireless device against your body when in use.

3. Use your cell phone on speaker setting or with an “air tube” headset.

4. Avoid using your wireless device in cars, trains or elevators.

5. Avoid cordless phones, especially where you sleep.

6. Whenever possible, connect to the Internet with wired cables.

7. When using Wi-Fi, connect only to download, then disconnect.

8. Avoid prolonged or direct exposure to Wi-Fi routers.

9. Unplug your home Wi-Fi router when not in use (that is, at bedtime).

10. Sleep as far away from wireless utility meters (“smart” meters) as possible.


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Graphene Poison 5g Nano Particles Vaccines

Graphene Oxide, for those who are unaware, is the component of Messenger RNA spike proteins and prions, which is at war with the heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen.

Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge which deprives the body of necessary oxygen and causes many complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer.”

The 5G towers are centered at a 60Ghz badnwidth, which is the same as 60,000,000,000 hz. If you times this by 11 to get the 11th harmonic (cancelation wave) you get

octaves of 1.200533 hz which we’ll just call 1.2 hz (99.9% accurate).

1.2 hz is the frequency of the average human heart (72 beats per minute converts to 1.2 hz or you could say 1.2 cycles per second).

This implies that the average healthy human heart rate is octaves of the cancelation wave to the 5G towers. We keep a healthy heart rate when we are centered in the

parasympathetic nervous system (love, self restoration mode) which is opposite of the sympathetic nervous system (fear, fight or flight mode). To further take from

this implication, being centered in the heart space and not in a fear state can cause the body to naturally create the cancelation wave to 5G. Another octave of the

1.2 hz heart rate frequency is 9.6 hz which is said to be a predominant frequency in earth’s magnetic field. Both the field of the heart and the field of earth are the

same shape, the toroidal field. The brain produces a much smaller version of this same field causing the charge to not disperse as efficiently meaning it builds up in

the body over time and inflammation occurs which is at the root of all illness. Taking 5G to the head will cause it to build up in the body. Taking it to the head or

the heart depends on which state you choose to be in, free will. Choosing love or fear. Parasympathetic nervous system (observation, feminine) or sympathetic nervous

system (impulsiveness, masculine). Both have their time and place for the sake of survival. but none the less it is interesting that as we step back into the age of

feminine/magnetic energy we area dealt a challenge to center there or face adverse effects as long as 5G plays out which from what i gather certainly won’t last

Heart-based state=1.2 hz, the cancelation wave (11th harmonic) to 5G’s central 60 Ghz frequency. Divine intervention. ?? The only thing to fear is fear itself, for

fear itself makes you biologically susceptible to the ill effects of all that you think is a valid fear. Fear can be just as convincing as it is illusive. One easy way

to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (heart-based consciousness) is the meditate and take longer exhales than inhales which will stimulate the vagus nerve

and the release of oxytocin, oxytocin being the main chemical that the body produces for the sake of centering in the parasympathetic. If you breathe out for 6 seconds

and in for 5 you will create a 6/5ths breathing ratio which is expressed as the whole number 1.2 (6 divided by 5=1.2), which means your breath rate will correspond

with the same frequency as the heart emits in hz. Numbers aside, switching to centering in the parasympathetic nervous system will create a cancelation wave to 5G

towers. It goes hand in hand with repairing the auric and toroidal field around the body. Once again, the parasympathetic nervous system is the opposite of the fear

state/fight or flight mode.

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The Real Truth About The Herpes Story

The Real Truth About The Herpes Story

The Herpes Hoax

Dr. Tom Cowan: Do #Viruses Exist? NO! (This includes so called “sexually transmitted diseases”)

If sexually transmitted disease were contagious. How did the first human contract an STD?

How did the bacterium/virus enter the body?

Simple, it didn’t because it’s BS based on Rockefeller Medicine & Freemason Science Fraud. Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, which is caused by the liver being overloaded with toxins. It’s not caused by so called “viruses”, which are simply fragments of damaged & dead liver cells (debris).

The bacteria you see are damaged or dead liver cell (debris) eaters.

ArkLight Benefit, Nov. 21, 2021 – Naomi Wolf, Mark Crispin Miller, Cat McGuire, Kevin Jenkins and Dr. Tom Cowan, documented in audio and video by Planet Waves FM

“Tom Cowan speaking at last year’s event. I did not photograph or video him in 2021. Photo by Eric.” there is no recorded video

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The Herpes Hoax